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Москва, 26 апреля 2019

How to Create Compelling Multimedia DocumentationПрактические кейсы и результаты организации управления знаниями в компаниях

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Alexandra White

Alexandra is a technical writer for Google Ad Manager. In this role, she focuses on content strategy. Prior to Google, she was a technical writer for Joyent, a web developer for WNET/PBS, and a digital marketer for JCC Association. Alexandra has a bachelor’s degree in professional writing with an emphasis in digital and technical writing from Michigan State University.


There are many ways to help people learn and understand how to use new or complicated technologies. Visual learners succeed best with clear screenshots, GIFs, and video documentation. These tools can be a crucial part of your knowledge sharing process. I’ll share my experience using, producing, and managing video as a method of documentation for product overviews and tutorials.

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